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Teeth Oral Water Jet Cleaner

Teeth Oral Water Jet Cleaner

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Keep your teeth sparkling clean with Teeth Oral Water Jet Cleaner


Teeth Oral Cleaner


1. Keep your teeth sparkling clean.
2. No batteries or cords are powered by air, practicing good oral hygiene at home easily.
3. With the push of a button, air propels water to blast away debris gently and effectively.
4. Harnesses the power of air and water to support your oral health.
5. Gently remove plaque-causing debris and clean those hard-to-reach surfaces.
6. Ideal for you to get the healthy and brilliantly clean results you want, without all the fuss.
7. Ideal for braces, crowns, sensitive gums and other dental work.
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Use Methods: 

Just fill with water, point, and press to power. The air infusion technology gently blasts away unwanted particles and flushes out crevices for healthy teeth that are sure to please your dentist. You can also fill the Power Floss with mouthwash to freshen as you floss.

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Package Including:

1 x Dental water jet
1 x User Manual

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