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Invisible Hair Extensions

Invisible Hair Extensions

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Give you perfect hair in less than a minute! 

This temporary extension is the answer to all your hair problems as it slips on & off quickly! There are many options when it comes to extensions, Invisible Halo'd Hair Extensions specialize in quality in a way that our competitors do not. No more clips, glue, or damage to your hair!

Invisible Hair Extensions - the extension that gives you perfect dream hair in less than a minute! No clips, no glue, and no damage - this temporary extension is the answer to all your hair problems!  

We are the affordable alternative while also making sure you get the quality extensions you deserve. Our invisible headband slips on & off quickly, blending right in with your own hair. It looks and feels just like real hair!

We offer 30 different hair color styles in straight hair or curly! We here enjoy giving women confidence every single day and believe that you will feel it too with your purchase!

How to care:

1) Put the wig into the water with the shampoo for 5 minutes, Shake and Rub gently
2) Rinse thoroughly in cool water again
3) After shampooing squeeze out excess water and pat dry with a towel
4) Clean up with a towel and let it dry naturally.
5) Please do not use a hair drier or put it expose to intense heat
6) To Maintain the wavy texture from frizzing, minimize brushing and pulling of the hair

Package Includes:

1 x Wire In Hair Extension

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