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Rainbow Unicorn Brushes

Rainbow Unicorn Brushes

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Beautiful makeup brushes to enchant your inner unicorn!

Features rainbow horn handles and super soft multi-color bristles. Completed with a gold setting. The Brush hair is made of high-quality synthetic fiber hair which is super soft and comfortable for your skin.

Compatible with any type of foundation,BB Cream,powder,blush,etc.

Oval, angular surface offers effortless application and seamless blending.


Rainbow Unicorn Brushes - 7 Set


  1. Pick up your choice of product with the brush, start applying the makeup from the center of the face. 
  2. Using a "Push and Pull" motion, glide the brush across the surface of the skin to blend. 
  3. Finish off blending with light, circular motions.


  1. Place brushes in warm water. 
  2. Apply a small amount of gentle shampoo to brushes and work into a light lather. 
  3. Rinse brushes thoroughly under running water. You will notice that the water leaving the brush is tinted from protective coating. 
  4. Continue rinsing until no color leaves the brush.
  5. Allow it to air-dry.


PRODUCT includes:

1 set x Rainbow Unicorn Brushes

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