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Professional Temporary Hair Dye Comb

Professional Temporary Hair Dye Comb

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instant glamorous fun just for you!


These are the Amazing and Crazy Mini Magic Dye Combs. Made from environment-friendly water-soluble hair dye material. Bright colors that are so easy to apply. There's no need for wet hair, you can apply straight to dry.

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  • A RAINBOW OF POSSIBILITIES - With different colors in one handy tray, you can color your hair any hue imaginable.
  • EASY CLEAN-UP - Our temporary colors are water-based, and can be easily washed out with regular shampoo and water.
  • Easy to Use - Brush through directly on your dry hair, it is extremely easy to use without damaging your hair.
  • Perfectly works on light or blonde hair, also works on dark hair if you add many layers of color.
  • Does not Need Glove OR Wear Gloves before you apply the chalk, Gently Dye Color From Top to End.

How to Use:

Step 1: Spray a 1-inch section of hair with water. You don't need to soak the entire strand, just go as high up as you want the color to be

Step 2: Twist your hair, color on your hair with one of the HAIR CHALKS I recommend choosing about three colors and putting one at a time in your hair. Start with the lightest shade first, since, as you can see, the color gets all over your gloves and you'll end up with a muddied version of the same hue throughout if you go dark to light.

Step 3: Wait for your hair to air dry. This is the hardest part but a must for the HAIR CHALK to attach to your hair

Step 4: Using a curling or flat iron, go over each colored strand. This sets the colors in your hair, so it will last longer. Then brush and style however you normally would!

How to Clean:

Simply wash hair as normal using water and shampoo. If you added many layers of colors, you may need to shampoo twice to fully remove color.


  • Material: Non-allergenic, non-toxic hair color chalk
  • Colors: Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Rose Pink, Purple
  • Size:10 x 3 x 1.5 cm per unit
  • Best for: All types of hair - Adults and Children

Package includes:

1 x  Temporary Hair Dye Comb

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