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Portable insect repellent outdoor mosquito repellent

Portable insect repellent outdoor mosquito repellent

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product information
Portable insect repellent outdoor mosquito repellent ultrasonic intelligent frequency conversion drive mosquito USB charging 2019 new
Commodity size: 44.5 * 12.5 * 62mm

Product Color: White / Black

Material composition: ABS environmental protection resin

Packing quantity: 1pack

Packing size: 8 * 6 * 2CM

D C: 5V / 1-2A

Rated power: 0.007W

Working current: 1.8MA

Battery capacity: 100 mAh

Sound wave frequency: 13-75khz

Effective range: 10-70㎡

Battery type: polymer lithium battery

Output frequency: 13KHz ~ 75KHz

Charging method: USB charging (supports fast charging)

Product features: (6-band ultrasonic infinite loop scanning)

Application scenarios: outdoor travel, camping, fishing, outdoor work, baby supplies, pet insect repellent, safety and environmental protection are harmless to people and pets.






This product mainly repels mosquitoes. It is also effective for cockroaches, flies, mice and other pests! . The product has no electromagnetic wave radiation, no noise pollution, safety and environmental protection! There are babies and pregnant women at home!


Working principle: Portable electronic insect repellent This device is based on physical principles and uses electronic simulation technology to achieve the effect of repelling mosquitoes and insects. By emitting various sound waves that can stimulate the mosquitoes and insect brains, because mosquitoes and insects cannot tolerate those sound waves, they Far away.


USB charging: DC / 5V 1-2A, working voltage: 3.7V, static working current is less than 1.5UA, dynamic working current is less than 1. 8MA working frequency 13-95KHZ (automatic cycle scanning) power supply: built-in polymer electrode 100MA.3.7 V. The work light is always on when powering on or charging. Effective range: 10-70 square meters


Note items:

1. This product can be used with USB power adapter, computer, mobile power and other products.

2. When not using the product for a long time. Please disconnect the power supply to ensure the normal life of the product

3. In order to ensure the stability of product use, it is recommended to choose a 5V-2A charger or mobile power supply for power supply






feature of product:
1. The ultrasonic wave emitted by this product is strong in driving rats, mosquitoes and cockroaches. It is non-toxic and tasteless and does not cause any impact on people and household pets. Features: The imported chip has a built-in 13-95KHZ multi-band intelligent frequency converter Frequency band ultrasonic infinite loop scanning) prevents pests from quickly adapting to the sound wave frequency.
2. This product is aimed at rat mosquitoes. The cockroach's sensing system and nervous system use physical methods to drive rats and mosquitoes. Cockroaches are environmentally friendly, safe and effective, and can effectively avoid environmental pollution and harm to the human body after using drugs .
3.The plastic shell of this product uses ABS flame retardant raw material for injection molding color, non-painting becomes this color, reducing secondary pollution, and the electronic circuit board uses 1.6MM thick CM-1 material.

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