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No Pain Nose Shaper Clip

No Pain Nose Shaper Clip

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Want to have a nose operation but afraid that it might go wrong? Lift and shape your nose without the need for expensive plastic surgery.

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You will not need an operation anymore, we have this Magic Nose Shaper Clip. With daily use, you can achieve the result and the desired effect without the pain and expenses. Why undergo various expensive surgery when you can have the looks that you desire.

No Pain Nose Shaper Clip Beauty Nose Slimming Device (2 Pack)


Design: High quality of plastic and resin design with considerate shape fit your nose. It's comfortable and will not damage your nose.

Uses: Use this to help shape and lift your nose without the need for expensive plastic surgery. Apply to nose for approximately 15-30 minutes a day for the desired effect. For better and longer results, keep doing this routine for a long time.

Care: Easy to wear and keep clean. It will fall off easy, however, slimmer noses may need to put a little pad on the nose to secure it. Suitable for lifting and straightening your nose while reading book, watching TV, or sleeping.

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Material: silica gel, ABS resin
Size: 4.2 x 2.9cm
Color: Pink
Weight: 16g

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