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Hydrogen-rich filter cup

Hydrogen-rich filter cup

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Name: Hydrogen-rich filter cup
Chic, compact design, very beautiful.
Specializing in the production of water rich in hydrogen.
Made of borosilicate glass and 304 stainless steel, it is high quality and safe to use.
Benefits of drinking water containing hydrogen:
1. Improve cell health and better absorb nutrients
2. Improve blood sugar and HbA1c levels in diabetic patients
3. Add moisture to the body - increase blood circulation
4. Help reduce saturated fat levels
5. Reduce aging and make skin healthy
6. Improve the memory of the elderly and reduce constipation
7. Helps lower cholesterol levels.

500ML富氢发生器便携式滤水器电离器H2 PEM碱性氢瓶电解饮料氢(7)
500ML富氢发生器便携式滤水器电离器H2 PEM碱性氢瓶电解饮料氢(3)
500ML富氢发生器便携式滤水器电离器H2 PEM碱性氢瓶电解饮料氢(5)
500ML富氢发生器便携式滤水器电离器H2 PEM碱性氢瓶电解饮料氢(6)
500ML富氢发生器便携式滤水器电离器H2 PEM碱性氢瓶电解饮料氢(2)
500ML富氢发生器便携式滤水器电离器H2 PEM碱性氢瓶电解饮料氢(28)
500ML富氢发生器便携式滤水器电离器H2 PEM碱性氢瓶电解饮料氢(4)
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