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Hand Held Two Water Outlet Modes Bidet Toilet Sprayer

Hand Held Two Water Outlet Modes Bidet Toilet Sprayer

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This clean sprayer is an ideal choice for personal cleaning care, can also provide strong water pressure, which can help you easily thoroughly clean your pet.

When cleaning the toilet, did the unbearable stench and fatigue make you feel very painful for a time? Just push the switch, the toilet and Hard-to-clean area will immediately become clean and fresh, restore a clean and comfortable home for you!

If You're Cloth Diapering, You Need This! This will make cloth diapering so much easier!     When bathing for your pet, are you troubled by the difficulty of cleaning because of the thick and long hair? Don't worry, this pet clean sprayer set can provide strong water pressure, which can help you easily thoroughly clean your pet. From now on, the bath for your pets will become a happy and relaxing thing!


1.  MULTIPURPOSE FULFILL YOUR MORE NEED: It not only will make the "dirty work" with cloth diapering and bidet so much easier, but also will save toilet paper and money all while leaving you feeling fresh and clean. It can be as a diaper sprayer, bidet sprayer for toilet,handheld bidet sprayer for women who are pregnant or in postpartum recovery, bidet for potty training toddlers, training potty cleaner, muslim shower,shower sprayer, pet washer, and more.

2.  ADJUST 0 TO MAX WATER PRESSURE: Adjust water pressure to your exact needs. The handheld bidet sprayer has 2 water outlet modes to provide different water pressure to meet different cleaning needs. Rotating the sprayer head can switch the out way of water, and will pull the handle stand up to achieve continuous water discharge, freeing your hands.

3.  SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Put a great deal of thought to make sure our kit includes two installation methods (Wall or Toilet Tank Mount) . Our sprayer will feel nice and sturdy in your hand as it is ABS plating and stainless steel . It's also very easy to install without a plumber and aesthetically pleasing! 

4.  ENGINEERED FOR PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY:The sprayer is made of ABS with plating, against corrosion and rust. The flexible hose is 1.2 meters long and built with high density nylon braiding and EPDM inner tube, safe and reliable. The T Adapter is composed of a brass;The sprayer holder fittings is made stainless steel,offers reliable strength and long-lasting good looks. 

5. COMPLETE AFTER SALES SUPPORT:All the well-selected materials and components to maintain our production process to be of the highest standard. 


1. Material: ABS

2. Control Type: Press the handle (adjustable water pressure,Continuous water)

3. Finished: Plating Chrome

4. Thread Size: Standard G1/2

5. Function: Dual Function Spray Mode Jet and Soft

Package Includes: 1 × Hand held Bidet Sprayer; 1 × Shut off Value; 1 × 1.2m Stainless Steel Supply Hose ;1 × Install Accessories package;1 x Users' manual

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