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Foam washing mobile phone

Foam washing mobile phone

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Material: ABS+PC+Electronics
Process: Machinery
Input voltage: DC6V
Power consumption: 1.8W
  Capacity: 250mL
Sensing distance: 3-5CM

1. Pour the hand sanitizer into the bottle and add 2-3 times according to the viscosity of the liquid.
Stir the water evenly. Do not shake vigorously. Remember that the liquid should not be too thick to affect the work.
2. Do not add liquid to the highest water level. If it exceeds the water level, it will not work properly.
3, the entire body should not be placed upside down or tilted, easy to overflow to the fuselage can not work.

2. Power button
3. Indicator light
4. Spout
5. Infrared sensor
6 body
7 storage liquid

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