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White Light Teeth Whitening System

White Light Teeth Whitening System

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Whiter teeth in only 10 MINUTES!! Get rid of yellow teeth and plaque, have that great smile you ever desired.

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  • Decreases teeth sensitivity
  • Easy to use at home
  • Suits both men and women
  • Corrects gums shape and gives it special look
  • Help you get rid of teeth stains caused by coffee, cigarettes, juice, fruits and soft drinks
  • Fast teeth lightening system; takes only 10 minutes to give you lighter teeth
  • Portable design, travel size
  • The light is also compatible with mouth trays and fits snug behind the lips when whitening
  • Curved plastic edge

 How To Use:

WhiteLight Tooth Whitening Dental Tool +Final Sale Deal+

Package Including:

1 X Tooth Whitening System
2 X Teeth Whitening Gel
1 X Tooth Silicone Set
1 X  CR2025 Button Cell (Without Battery)

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