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Baby Cute Cartoon Head Protection Fall-resistant Pillow

Baby Cute Cartoon Head Protection Fall-resistant Pillow

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 Baby Head Protection Pillow - perfect for you and your babies

Babies tend to move quite a lot. Especially when they are growing and starting to learn how to crawl, sit, walk, and run. But fall downs are indeed inevitable --and they sure hurt.  It is specially designed to alleviate the impact during fall downs, thus protects your baby’s head and back.


  • Effectively protect babies from hurting when they fall.
  • The upper center is to make sure this head protection pad can absorb the pressure when the baby falls down.
  • Adjustable shoulder belt, solid and stretchable straps, and allows the baby to move freely.
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    • Age Range:0-2 years
    • Material: Cotton
    • Weight:160g
    • Size: 19 * 30cm

      Package includes:

      1 x Baby Pillow With Straps

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