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Beauty instrument digital high precision moisture tester

Beauty instrument digital high precision moisture tester

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Color: white, pink
Product size: 150*32*30MM

Specifications : Chinese

7 major technological innovations, from the inside out!

1: Technological innovation - further upgrades in accuracy! The slag of the cottage is clear.

2: Platinum probe - the perfect solution to the impact of the probe residue residue skin care product on the test;

3: Test faster - easier to clean, traditional sensors use dense boards to cause slow test response.

4: Re-opening the mold - the appearance is more beautiful, the packaging is more grades to give friends and relatives the best choice.

5: Memory function - (record saves the last three sets of values)

6: Water shortage warning - (When the water is less than 35%, the screen will display a red background light to remind you that you need to replenish water)

7: Universal base - (the water pen can be put up on the table, simple, generous, upper grade, the fifth generation sixth generation pass base.)

In addition, solve the problem that is prone to test errors. As long as your method is correct, you can perfectly measure your moisture content and avoid interference from skin care liquid residue.

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