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2020 new TWS wireless Bluetooth headset

2020 new TWS wireless Bluetooth headset

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Product details:
1, wireless binaural stereo, left and right ear channel separation, HIFI sound effects.
2, the left and right ears can be used separately (mono), can be used in pairs (stereo), double-click the right ear to switch music, double-click the left ear to call back the last call.
3, Taiwan Luo Da program, Bluetooth 5.0, touch / button, with your choice
4, the left and right ears are built-in 50mAh special custom steel shell rechargeable lithium battery.
5, Bluetooth distance: barrier-free 360 ° arbitrary angle of 10 meters.
6, endurance: continuous listening to the phone call up to 3-4 hours.
7, charging: mining mrico charging interface, quickly fill the battery 100% within 60 minutes.
8, with a charging compartment 600mAh power, can charge the headset four times, full only takes 1 hour.
9, the charging compartment supports wireless charging function, wired and wireless, you can control.
10, the charging bin can float, go out to sea
11, 1 drag 2 function, can connect two mobile phones at the same time.
Product size: 95*46*35mm

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