Affiliate Tutorial

How To Create Your Unique Store Link Or Product Links?

There is a affiliate page of us. Just take the following steps to join us.

Step 1: Open the link:

Step 2: Fill in the relevant information to create account. If you register through email, you will receive an email to verify your email address after you create account.

Just click the botton “Verify Account” to verify your email address.

Or you can use your Google or Facebook account to create account.

Step 3: Get your store referral link and coupon code on the home page and product links on the marketing tools page.

You can also customize your URL referral code on the setting page.

The coupon code can be used when checking out. Put your coupon code as following and click apply, your audiences will have a discount.

Step 4: Check the relevant data during a period on the home page.

Step 5: Fill in your profile information and set payment.