About Us

I am Andy a founder of JackMacry.com, a living products seeker. My grandpa's name was JackMacry, who was a very living lover and always solve my living issue with his small creation. When I was a child, my grandpa made me a wooden bead massager stick which helps me feel better when my back hurt. Also like a finger protector when cutting food. Book organizer when I was a child and put books everywhere etc. These small creations help me live easier and trouble-free. That is why I create Jackmacry.com to extend my grandpa's idea and help more people like me who need some equipment or tool to solve problems when living. 

Jackmacry is the place to buy interesting stuffs to solve your daily living issue. You can search from kitchen tools, beauty and body health stuff, home decoration, gadgets and more. It is also a unique and innovative brand that has been created to provide everyday living solutions. JackMacry is the solution to your daily living problems, bringing you quality products that have been created with great purpose. We specialize in accessories for women, home improvement, kitchenware, and beauty products etc. We have some other nice collection too, please search on search bar.

Enjoy Your Shopping :)