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Why To Cooperate With Us

There are some benefits to meet your demand:

  • Hot-sell & High-quality Products: We only ever hear amazing feedback about our products. JackMaCry is a part of CJDropshipping which has huge warehouses and database of products as well as worldwide shipping. We will definitely provide hot-sell and high-quality products. What's more, we will give small gifts to your audience when delivery which will make them happier.
  • 30% Commission: You will get a 30% commission which has the industry advantage of the sales. The average price of the products is $20 and you can get $6 per sale on average. 
  • Help To Open And Operate Your Own Official Store: In the beginning, you could choose several products to try to create proper contents and they may produce different effects. In the long term, once there is a hot product, we will help you open and operate your own official store. Your audience will enter into your own store which is named after your name and have a unique logo. And all the matters except posting contents on your social media, from store beautify, products update, to product delivery, we will operate and you don't need to spend time.
  • Content Initiative: You can create content according to your preference, frequency, perception of your fans, etc. And we will also provide some templates of videos, posts, etc if you are not familiar with creating content. Besides, if you need our other help when creating, we will help with the effort. 
  • Data Visualization: You will have your unique store link and product links through our affiliate page. And all the data including time, products, sales, commission are visualization in your own account.
  • Immediate Payment: Payment will be made on the 15th and 30th of each month through Paypal.
  • Knowledge & Help: You can learn a variety of knowledge about influencers. For example, how to make money by use of your fans, how to promote the engagement rate of your fans, how to open an influencer store, etc. And if you need any help, don't hesitate to tell us.
  • Belief & Guarantee: To guarantee your benefit, we also provide a brief cooperation agreement. And we believe that we will build deep trust in the process of cooperation.
  • Free Products: You will get free products with free shipping. The products which are high-quality and distinctive will fit perfectly with your audience. Besides, your audiences will have a 10% discount if they use your coupon code.
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