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Instagram Tools That Meet Your All Demand

The Best Tool For Organizing Instagram Posts

  • Buffer

Be Fit For: Schedule posting social posts.

Price: Free, professional edition is at least $15.

Version: Web platform, iOS, and Android App

Buffer allows users to schedule single-image posts from their desktop or App, making it easy to pre-schedule all social media posts using one platform.

  • Hootsuite

Be Fit For: Schedule posting and monitor social posts.

Price: A 30-day free trial, later at least $19 a month.

Version: Web platform

Another popular multi-social platform management tool is Hootsuite. You can use the tool to pre-schedule Instagram (and other social media) posts, get notifications and track them.

  • Hopper

Be Fit For: Schedule posting social posts and statistics.

Price: Annual plans start at $16 a month.

Version: Web platform

Hopper, an Instagram scheduler, offers scheduling, content calendar, phone preview, and other features to ensure that you can see how posts appear on your mobile device and save drafts before posting.

  • Later

Be Fit For: Schedule posting social posts.

Price: Free, paid subscription plans start at $9 a month.

Version: Web platform

Later is known for its visual calendar, simple scheduling, and link-bio capabilities. The function converts the bio link into a purchasable URL address.

  • Schedugram

Be Fit For: Schedule posting all the post types.

Prices: At least $20 a month.

Version: Web platform and iOS App

Schedugram is more expensive than other tools, and it's not just a scheduling tool because it includes the ability to create content specifically for Instagram. Other prominent features include visual planning, built-in photo editor, drag-and-drop calendar, positioning, shopping, and prompt tags, and various post type options such as rotation, video, and stories.

Instagram Marketing Content Creation Tool

  • Boomerang

Be Fit For: Create a short video loop.

Price: Free.

Version: iOS and Android.

Boomerang is an easy-to-use App for creating short and fun videos for Instagram, perfect for mobile shots and video products.

  • Canva

Be Fit For: Content Creation

Price: Free, free and paid templates are available

Version: Web platform, iOS, and Android App

Canva is a great online content creation tool for designing anything from Instagram posts to email headlines. It has a wide selection of free and paid templates and images that can be uploaded directly to an Instagram account when finished.

  • Kapwing

Be Fit For: Creat video and meme diagrams.

Price: Free, $6 extra to remove the watermark.

Version: Web platform

Kapwing is a free online Instagram content creation tool that focuses on video creation and editing. With Kapwing, you can also create memes, add subtitles to video, create collages of video, add music and text, trim and resize video, create the slow-motion video, and more.

  • PicFlow

Be Fit For: Content Creation

Price: Free, in-app purchase

Version: iOS and Android apps

PicFlow is an excellent tool for converting photos into video slides, allowing users to add music and remove watermarks through a paid upgrade.

  • Repost

Be Fit For: Plan and share content

Price: Free

Version: iOS and Android apps

The Repost App allows you to re-post your favorite photos and videos on Instagram with the original author's note. The best thing about the tool is that it's free and easy to use, allowing you to share UGC with your Instagram account whenever you want.

  • VSCO

Be Fit For: Edit photos and videos

Price: Free, in-app purchase

Version: iOS and Android apps

VSCO has powerful image and video editing features, and users can set up images to look professional. The tool also has default options for content creators to work with Lightroom and Photoshop.

Integrated Multi-channel Management Tools

  • Crowdfire

Be Fit For: Social media account management

Price: Free and paid plans, $7.48 per month for an annual plan

Version: Web platform

Crowdfire is an integrated social platform and blog content management tool, including Instagram. It allows you to schedule and post posts, plan content, track social mentions, monitor accounts and post-analysis.

  • Sendible

Be Fit For: Social media account management

Prices: At least $29 a month

Version: Web platform

Designed for agents or business owners who manage a large number of social media accounts. Sendible can be prohibitively expensive for small businesses. It has powerful features, including scheduling posts, social media account management, CRM and team collaboration. In addition, it can be integrated with Canva, making it easy to create Instagram and other social media posts.

  • Status Rew

Be Fit For: Social media account management

Price: $125 per month

Version: Web platform

Status Rew lets you manage 10 social profiles, 10 Twitter sources, access to three team members, schedule 2,000 posts per social media profile, and have comprehensive reporting and social media monitoring. Social media monitoring features typically allow you to sync social engagement to the platform, monitor and moderate comments, replies, and keyword monitoring.

Tools To Increase Instagram Followers

  • Combin

Be Fit For: Increase Instagram followers

Price: Free, upgrade plans start at $10 a month

Version: Windows, OS and Linux

Combin is a tool to increase Instagram followers, fan engagement, comments and thumb up. It can also help you find influencers and communicate with fans.

  • Coupon Pop

Be Fit For: Convert visitors to Instagram followers

Prices: At least $10 a month

Version: Web platform and Shopify application

With this web tool, you can create pop-ups and turn web traffic into social media followers by offering rewards.

  • Instagram Feed WD

Be Fit For: Display Instagram posts on the site

Price: Free, upgrade to premium at least $75 (one-time)

Version: WP plug-in

Another way to convert web traffic to Instagram followers is to integrate Instagram content into the store. If you're using WordPress, 10Web's Instagram Feed is a great solution. From showing hashtagged posts to highlighting specific posts, this tool is a great way to channel your website traffic to Instagram content.

  • Juicer

Be Fit For: Site integration and Feed management

Price: Free, upgrade plans start at $19 a month

Version: Online platform and WP plug-in

Juicer allows you to display Instagram posts on your own website, helping you turn traffic into participating Instagram followers. It also has a unified dashboard that allows posts to be viewed and deleted.

  • SocialDrift

Be Fit For: Increase fans through automatic participation

Price: $13 per week

Version: Web platform

If you're looking for an automated thumb up, comments and attention tools to help you interact with Instagram users, SocialDrift can help. Depending on the parameters you set, the tool learns the best time to interact and ACTS accordingly.

  • Upleap

Be Fit For: Increase followers

Price: it's free for trial, $39 a month

Version: Web platform proxy

Upleap will manage your Instagram engagement and increase your Instagram followers. It helps sellers save a lot of time by managing participating fans while helping your brand gain more social impact.

Tools To Look For Instagram Influencers

  • UserGems

Be Fit For: Find people who have influence with your target audience

Price: $19 per month

Version: Shopify App

If you're looking for the best influencers for your brand, then UserGems can help. Leveraging real-time user intelligence, the tool captures users' social media data to help you find influencers and bloggers who are popular in niche markets and have more than 10k followers.

Instagram Hashtag Research Tool

  • Autohash

Be Fit For: Find topic hashtags

Price: Free, purchased in-app

Version: Android app

Autohash helps you find relevant Instagram hashtags more easily. It uses AI to examine images and objects in them to get the most relevant hashtags for Instagram content suggestions. It also adds your hot tags to the clipboard for future use.

  • Display Purposes

Be Fit For: Find topic hashtags

Price: Free

Version: Web platform

Display Purposes allows you to study Instagram trends and related hashtags. Enter a hashtag or keyword and it will suggest that you can choose more theme tags (in manual mode) or give you a list of theme tags you can use (in automatic mode).

  • Focalmark

Be Fit For: Find topic hashtags

Price: Free, purchased in-app

Version: Android and iOS apps

Focalmark helps you choose a theme tag for an Instagram photo post, and its algorithm uses the photo theme, location, and camera to help you find the most popular tags associated with the image.

  • Toptager

Be Fit For: Hashtag research

Price: Free

Version: Web platform

Toptage not only displays the most popular theme tags in real-time but also helps you find the best ones related to your keywords. Its copy-and-paste feature gives you an easy way to cut and paste popular topic tags into posts.

  • Websta

Be Fit For: Get the Hashtag idea

Price: Free

Version: Web platform

Instagram Bio Link Tool

  • Linktree

Be Fit For: Bio link strategy

Price: Free, $6 per month for professional version

Version: Web platform

Linktree can help you manage Instagram bio links. You can only add a link within the Instagram bio, which changes periodically depending on specific content, blog posts, or product promotions. Linktree fixes this by providing you with a link that leads the user to the landing page with different sections.

  • Soldsie

Be Fit For: Bio link strategy

Price: From free to $300, depending on how many clicks the link gets

Version: Web platform

Another bio link optimization tool is Soldsie. It is suitable for online stores and publications. It uses the " /brand" link and is popular with many big brands, including OPI, Dailylook and Lulu Frost.

Instagram's Market Measurement Tool

  • Ink361

Be Fit For: Competitor analysis and account management

Price: Free, professional version is also available

Version: Web platform

Ink361 is a multifunctional Instagram account management tool with one key difference: its competitor analytics tool. With Ink361, you can monitor and compare your competitors, and analyze how your competitors compare to your biggest competitors.

Instagram photo editing tool

  • Afterlight 2

Be Fit For: Photo editor

Price: $2.99

Version: iOS and Android apps

Afterlight 2 is another of the most popular integrated photo editing tools. It includes a variety of frames, filters, layout options, and textures to help you visually optimize your Instagram images. Alternatively, you can choose to create your own filters. Previous versions of Afterlight also worked on Android devices.

  • Enlight

Be Fit For: Photo editor

Price: $3.99

Version: iOS App

Another iOS image editing tool is Enlight, which is super creative and can turn your images into original works of art.

  • Facetune

Be Fit For: Retouching

Price: free, purchased in-app

Version: iOS App

Facetune lets you whiten your teeth, magnify your eyes, cover up flaws, and don't need fancy editing programs like Photoshop. Suitable for decorating low budget models of people or clothing product pictures.

  • Photoshop Express

Be Fit For: Photo editor

Price: free

Version: Windows, Android and iOS apps

Photoshop has launched a free photo editing App called Photoshop Express. It offers a number of image editing features, including cropping, concealing, text tools, contrast and exposure correction, filters, perspective correction, and border addition.

  • Snapseed

Be Fit For: Photo editor

Price: free

Version: Android and iOS apps

Snapseed has a comprehensive photo editing tool that allows you to upload images directly to certain platforms. Its stacks feature allows you to group filters for creating templates for Instagram images.

Instagram Sales Tool

  • Foursixty

Be Fit For: Use Instagram posts to sell

Price: At least $50 a month

Version: Web integration and Shopify App

Foursixty is a comprehensive Instagram sales tool that allows you to display UGC content on your payment page. You can use its powerful customization tools, get pictures and videos, arrange posts, etc. But the most important feature is its purchasable image tool, which converts your UGC and content into clickable images for your website, blog, email, and advertising campaign.

  • Shopping on Instagram

Be Fit For: Use Instagram to sell products

Price: free

Version: Shopify App

Buying on Instagram is a feature of Shopify's store, which helps you link to Instagram shopping and create Instagram posts to buy. Only users in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain or Italy can use the feature, and make sure you have approved Facebook stores and Instagram business accounts.

  • Instagram Shoppable Feed

Be Fit For: Add purchasable Instagram feeds to your site

Price: $4.95 per month

Version: Shopify App

Instagram Shoppable Feed Shopify App lets you display your Instagram posts on your website. However, unlike the aforementioned tool, the App makes these Instagram images available for purchase and is designed to help drive e-commerce sales.

  • Woobox

Be Fit For: Run an Instagram contest

Price: Free, paid plans start at $37 a month

Version: Web platform

Woobox is used by big brands like Spotify and Fossil to help you create posts, login pages, and forms. It can also help collect tag submissions and launch Instagram competitions to drive sales and fan growth.

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