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How to Use a Self-defense Keychain?

Self-defense keychain is a popular trending product that has been recommended by various celebrities and influencers in recent years. Many people bought one or two of these self-defense keychains to feel safe when going outside. However, not everyone knows how to use all the functions of a self-defense keychain set properly.

Therefore, today we will provide some helpful tips for you to know how to use your self-defense keychain set in the right way. Now let's get started!

Use Cat Ear Brass Knuckle to Defend Yourself

Cat ear brass is a common part of most self-defense keychain sets, it has a really cute outlook. However, it is also a powerful weapon that can save your life in a dangerous situation. The cat-shaped part is the same as a brass knuckle, which is a powerful weapon against the attacker.

Still, the use of brass knuckles usually requires basic self-defense training and some fighting technics. So if you have time, it is recommended to take some formal training before using it.

Use Cat Ear Brass Knuckle to Defend Yourself

Try Kubaton to Get Advantage in the Fight

The kubaton is a Japanese trademarked self-defense keychain set designed by Sōke Takayuki Kubota. Usually, the kubaton is no longer than 5.5 inches, shaped like a stick. It can be used as a simple weapon for punching and jabbing the vulnerable body parts of the attacker.

Furthermore, if you attach keys to the kubaton, it will then become a flailing weapon. You can use it to whip the attacker if he or she wants to approach you. In this way, the attacker can not be able to get close to you easily, and you can also get a big advantage in the fight.

Use Kubaton to Get Advantage in the Fight

Ask For Help From Others by Using a Whistle

For people who are not confident about their physical strength, asking for help from others will be a better option when encountering a vicious attacker. Unlike electronic alarms, whistles do not need a battery to operate. So you can use it anytime or anywhere.

Therefore, a whistle is not only useful for self-defense, but it can also be helpful when you are trapped somewhere because of an accident or natural disaster. 

Use an Alarm to Warn Everyone

Many self-defense keychain sets have a warning alarm function. They usually are able to generate continuous loud high pinch noise. When someone assaults you, just immediately press the button on the alarm. The constant noise from the alarm can quickly attract all the attention from your surroundings.

By using such sound, all the people in the same area will be able to find you quickly. It is highly possible that someone witnesses the scene and report it to the police. Besides, this is also a good warning to tell the attacker not to come closer. Since most attackers know that they are doing the wrong thing, the alarm may scare them and drive them away.

Use an Alarm to Warn Everyone

Defend Yourself With the Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is one of the most effective ways that you can use to stop the offensive actions of the attacker. To use it, you shall prepare enough pepper liquid in advance so you can take it out at any time. Then attach the pepper container to your keychain and keep with it you anytime you want to go out. When you encounter a situation in which you have to use it, remember to aim the eyes of the attacker. 

The sudden pain caused by the pepper liquid can make the attacker not capable to see for a few minutes. Then you can use the chance to escape and ask for help.

Defend Yourself With the Pepper Spray

Incapacitate the Criminal With the Taser

Although pepper spray is a effective item against most attackers. However, if the attacker is already standing next to you closely, using a taser might be a better option. Because spraying pepper liquid next to your attacker may also causing the liquid splashing to yourself. So the taser would be a better choice in this kind of situation.

When you decide to use the taser, you need be aware that using a taser may be illegal in certain countries or states. So before you take it out, please make sure you have checked the law policy in your state.

Incapacitate the Criminal With the Taser

Use Key Shaped Knife to Protect Yourself

Some self-defense keychain sets also come with a small folding knife disguised as a key. When the knife is attached to the key ring, nobody can easily tell the difference between a key knife and a real key. So when you are trapped somewhere, you can use it to protect yourself without being found out by the attacker.

The knife also can be applied to other dangerous situations. For example, if you are stuck in a car seat, you can use a knife to cut the safety band and escape.

Use Key Shaped Knife to Protect Yourself

Escape Dangerous Situation With Window Breaker

There are many cases of people being attacked during night walks. In these cases, the victims are often being lock in a car or a room. If the victims want to escape from the dangerous areas, they must find a way to get out. And if they got a window breaker with them, the chances of getting out would be much higher.

That's why many self-defense keychain sets come with a window breaker. If you are trapped somewhere, the window breaker can help you make a way out. To use it, first, you need to stick the narrow part of the break onto a corner of the window. Then you press the breaker against the window and quickly release it. The spring inside the breaker will generate huge pressure and then break the window. Now you can escape through the window. 

In addition, when you use the window breaker, you also need to be careful about the height of the window and the broken pieces of glass.

Escape Dangerous Situation With Window Breaker

Open Doors with the Door Opener

Most self-defense keychain sets have a door opener, which can be used to open door handles and push buttons without physical contact. In this way, you will be able to avoid touching bacteria and viruses. Thus, it can be useful if a pandemic outbreak is happening in your country.  

One thing you should also notice is the door opener doesn't apply to turning a doorknob. So if people living in your country prefer doorknobs, then the door opener may not be so useful in daily life.


The rise of crime rate in some countries always keeps us on our toes. Nobody wants to live in fear all the time. However, things are unprediactable in this world and we have to prepare for facing possible risks.

That's why keeping a accessible self-defense item with you is a good choice for everyone especially people of the vulnerable groups. So, if you are interested in buying yourself a self-defense keychain set to feel safer, the information in this article may help you understand how to use this tool properly.

By the way, if you are looking for good quality self-defense keychain set, feel free to check out Jacmacry self-defense item collection. If you still have some questions about how to use the self-defense keychain set, you can also check some related videos on Youtube to learn more.

Keep yourself safe anywhere and anytime!

check some related videos on Youtube to learn more
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