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How to Run Your Instagram Account As An Influencer

Develop Your Unique Voice

Develop your unique voice is one of the best ways to engage with your audience. Because there are endless fashion influencers, travel photographers and influencers in other niches on Instagram, many of whom are competing for similar audiences. By finding a unique way to position yourself, you'll create memorable posts that establish you as a true Instagram influencer. The type of photos you take, how you choose to caption your content and the stories you tell all affect the development of your voice.

Show Your Personal Side

Showing your personal side is a great way to form a stronger connection with your audience. It can play a key role in shaping your brand personality. Obviously, while you shouldn't document every aspect of your life, highlighting the right moments will help followers build personal connections and keep them loyal to your content.

Rethink How You Present Your Products And Promotions

The Instagram promotion, with fun giveaways or sale items and can be incredibly valuable for your brand when done well. So it’s crucial to present your content as a must-see when you promote your Instagram.

Find Sponsorship That Is True To Your Brand

Influencers should take a few things into consideration when deciding whether to accept a sponsorship opportunity. And the most important thing to consider when doing a sponsored post is whether the particular sponsorship is true to your brand. An influx of posts that don't match your personal branding will ultimately cause you to lose followers. 

Consistency Is Key

When it comes to Instagram, quality is definitely more important than quantity. To keep your audience engaged and fully maintain your status as an influencer, you need to find the proper balance so you provide your followers with regular updates without compromising quality. This can avoid the audience to lose interest in the account and ensure consistent engagement with the audience. 

While you may not be able to upload new content every day, you should aim to upload at least one high-quality article every week at the best time. For best results, let your readers know when they can see your latest posts. If your followers know when you're going to post something new, you'll get a higher level of engagement than someone who only posts snippets of content.


Optimize Your Profile For Promotion

As you work through how to promote Instagram to new fans and followers, optimize your profile is essential. Your username should be short and sweet for starters so that all the while easy to find for locals searching for it. In addition, your bio should include a clear profile picture, compelling bio, branding hashtag, and trackable URL. Everything about this Instagram bio lets us know what to expect from your feed and likewise that we’re in the right place. And if you’re running a business account, it is necessary to feature your email and phone number.

Take Advantage Of Instagram Stories

You should take advantage of Stories as often as possible when promoting on Instagram and it is by far Instagram’s most popular feature. Try to publish user-generated photos and behind-the-scenes content. And you don’t have to worry as much about your visuals being polished or “perfect.” for the beauty of Stories. What's more, you should keep up with Instagram and pay attention to Instagram's new features.

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