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How To Market Your FaceBook Shop?

Generate Engaging Content

You have to build a real community of followers, posting engaging content, and systematically promote your products between the non-selling posts. The promotions should not outnumber entertaining and relevant content. And you need to make sure you keep driving sales and encouraging repeat purchases by frequently posting about your products. 3-4 promotions a week is the golden mean, as long as you post everything else daily.

You need to update product descriptions, images, etc. as well as coming up with creative ways to showcase your products. There is a list of creative posts ideas to help you build a stronger relationship between your brand and those that have liked your Facebook page:

  • Creative product showcase: lifestyle shots, customer testimonials.
  • Backstage: the process of product manufacturing, packing and shipping the orders.
  • The corporate culture of the company: about the team, offsite events, charity programs, exhibitions, and shows.
  • Educational posts: if you’re selling surfboards, you may share your expertise on choosing a board, give tips on surfing, comment on the most recent local events, interview the celebrities of the surfing world.
  • Industry news and trends — interesting for you, they may be attention-grabbers for your followers too.
  • Fun shots that still apply to your brand: a new way to use your goods.
  • Quotes and surveys – think twice before using it. It might be cheesy, yet very resonating with some groups of followers.

    Encourage Social Sharing

    Activate social sharing options for your storefront so people browsing your products can also share them with their friends and family on Facebook. This will increase fans to your store and make your store to have a higher reach. Most applications will offer the social sharing option, which can be placed directly beneath the buy now button. And the more shares you’ll get, the bigger will be the reach of your Facebook store.

    Optimize The Layout Of Your Store

    Just like on other eCommerce platforms, the layout is going to play a big part on Facebook. You need to choose a color scheme that is clean and setting up distinct categories that enable consumers to go-to products they’re looking to purchase. If there are no distractions and users have direct product access, conversion rates will increase.

    Use User-Generated Content

    You can encourage your followers to post their own that show why your product is worth giving a try to exchange for bonuses. And these posts will be showed to their friends who may be your potential buyers.

    User-Generated Content is a great way to sell on social networks for a number of reasons:

    • Your brand actually reaches the Facebook audience of the content participants — for free.
    • You’re getting the social media content (photos and videos) demonstrating your product in use — that’s what "refined" product photos of your store may lack.
    • Rarely do people simply post photos — normally Facebook users also add a caption, describing their experience — that’s exactly what you want.

    And there are 25 creative contest ideas from Jordan Lore:

    • Tell Us How You Would Use [Product] to Win it
    • Take a Photo of Yourself Using [Product Name] OR At [Location] OR Doing [Activity]
    • Name our new [Product]
    • Caption This to Win [Prize]
    • Vote on which [Product/Service] We Should Put on Sale
    • Win an Adventure
    • Vote For Your Favourite Product
    • Sign Up And Win
    • Update Your Cover Images
    • Refer 5 Friends
    • Selfie Contest
    • Tell Us Your Story
    • Brand Battle Vote Contest
    • Caption This
    • Back2School
    • Your Daily Driver
    • You're The Designer
    • Sporting Events
    • How Do You Use It?
    • What Type Are You?
    • Changing Of The Seasons
    • Co-Promotion Team Up
    • Next Model Search
    • Our Next Recipe
    • Anniversary Celebration

      Advertise Your Shop On Facebook

      You can advertise your shop on Facebook to get more prospects. By creating Facebook ads using tools like AdEspresso and boosting posts to existing fans, you’ll have thousands of people checking out your products daily. While creating ads, you can directly insert a link to your Facebook shop so that the targeted audience is just a click away from seeing your products and making a purchase decision. Use News Feed and mobile ads for the best results.

      Offer Discounts And Promos

      Fast Company reported that 42 percent of people like a Facebook page to get a discount or coupon. So by offering discounts through your online store to those landing on your storefront through your Facebook page, you’ll be able to entice consumers to buy.

      There are also apps such as  AgoraPulse to run contests, giveaways, etc. With such apps, you can create a call-to-action to visit your Facebook store to receive a special offer, either a discount code or a store-only sale.

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